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Attorneys Ready To Defend You Against Any Type Of Drug Possession Charges In Florida

The real-life consequences of a drug conviction will increase based on the type and amount of drugs involved and the type of charges. The facts of each case are unique and your defense should be too. Janet Johnson will tailor the legal strategy to meet your needs and she will take time to work with you directly throughout the duration of your case. You can take advantage of a free consultation by calling 904-820-3455.

The firm’s experienced attorneys are ready to aggressively defend you against drug charges, the most common of which are discussed below.

Drug Possession (Actual Or Constructive)

Simple possession charges fall into two basic categories. Actual possession is when the drugs allegedly involved were found on your person. Constructive possession is not as clear, as the drugs could have been found somewhere other than on your person – a car, for instance. Since no one claims them, all people in the car are said to “constructively” possess drugs. Many people face drug possession charges for reasons that are beyond their control, such as borrowing a friend’s car only to have the police discover marijuana under the seat during a routine traffic stop.

Another example would be giving a ride to your friends, not knowing that they had pills or drugs on them. If the pills or drugs were then discovered, the driver was said to have constructive possession because he or she should have known that there were pills or drugs inside the vehicle. Many of the people who are caught in this way are college students who risk losing their financial aid if they are convicted of drug possession. These are cases to be taken very seriously, but the right attorney can make a huge difference. Ms. Johnson has helped previous clients come out of the situation with no conviction, no loss of driver’s license and no loss of student loans.

Possession With Intent To Distribute

This crime is charged when the drugs are in high enough volume to make a sale likely. The amount of a controlled substance and the type of drug paraphernalia found in possession both play a role. When police find more than one ounce of marijuana, they can charge people with possession with intent to distribute, especially if drugs are discovered in many separate baggies or combined with a scale and sandwich bags.

Possession can be either physical possession (on the person) or constructive possession (in a place controlled by the person). The firm’s attorneys have significant experience defending clients against accusations of possession with intent to distribute. For instance, Janet E. Johnson strives to have charges reduced or dismissed by challenging evidence brought against her clients. There have been cases where people were pulled over for minor traffic violations and ended up having their vehicles searched. During that search, the officer may find some amount of marijuana, cocaine or another controlled substance, plus baggies, scales or other items connected with the sale of such substances. These connections do not necessarily mean an individual intended to sell drugs. Also, the officer may not have had probable cause to search the vehicle. Attorney Janet Johnson will thoroughly investigate everything that happened to you to determine your full list of defense options.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking is a very serious offense that must be defended aggressively. This charge is determined solely by the weight of the items found. If the quantity of drugs is significant, prosecutors will charge you with trafficking. If you are convicted, you face mandatory minimum jail time and fines. Do not take a chance with your case. Contact Janet Johnson immediately to get the help you need to defend these charges.

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