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What Clients Say About Janet E. Johnson, P.A.

Janet Johnson is the best criminal defense and DUI lawyer due to her extensive experience and track record of success. I called Janet for her reputation for providing personalized and aggressive representation. Her commitment to me was unparalleled, she provided her personal attention to me, and tailored her defense strategy to my unique circumstances. Janet is a skilled negotiator and had my charges reduced. Ultimately, Janet Johnson’s passion, expertise, and dedication make her the best criminal defense lawyer for those in need of skilled legal representation.

I was referred to Janet by a very respected professional. Janet was professional in guiding me through the process. Her attention to detail and clear understanding of our mission , she was able to secure the outcome we wanted. Over twenty years I have referred clients to Janet with the same results I received. –GS

I came to know Janet at one of the most difficult times in my life. My career, freedom, reputation, and overall livelihood was at stake. Being a law abiding citizen my whole life I would have never dreamed I would be put through the wringer over accusations. Even though my case would be considered somewhat high profile, I will say this about not only Janet, but the wonderful ladies that work with her. They treat you like family. Janet is one of the most tenacious and remarkable Attorneys I’ve ever met. The nature of my charges were quite severe, but Janet went right to work as soon as I retained her. She had my bond reduced in days, had experts ready to testify on my behalf, and was relentless in pursuit of my innocence. She got every charge dropped without me ever having to see the inside of a courtroom. If you’re ever in a situation where you need someone that is not afraid to step in the ring with Prosecutors then look no further. She’s remarkable!!  –JF

Janet Johnson came highly recommended by a friend who had worked as ancillary personnel in other offices. She had done her research well. Janet Johnson proved to be exactly what we needed. Couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome and she made the process as pain-free as possible. Thank you, Janet! –Prior Client

Ever heard the phrase “Three strikes you’re out?” Not if Janet Johnson Law is representing you 😊 There are really not enough words to describe the gratitude my family and I have in regards to the outstanding job Janet and team did representing me in all three (yes three) DUI cases! We won all three cases; one of which included an accident with a parked ambulance (nobody was hurt thank goodness). Their communication with me was impeccable for explaining options and keeping me informed each step of the process. I highly recommend Janet and team for great advice and representation. –Prior Client

Janet and her team helped me through a really tough time. They were supportive emotionally and legally. She got my charges reduced and put my mind at ease. I am so thankful for her and her team! –Prior Client

Hired her for a DUI and from the minute I met her, I knew I was in good hands. Communication, effectiveness, knowledge and empathy was all top notch! From the minute I hired her I didn’t have to worry anymore. Absolutely love her! –Prior Client

I would recommend Janet E. Johnson! She is great and gets the job done, with a favorable outcome. I’m very grateful, for her and all that she did! Thank you again Janet, for all your hard work. –Prior Client

I couldn’t feel more blessed to have found her. She and her amazing team handled my case like I was their only client. In a very stressful situation, they were kind and understanding and granted me the peace I needed. They’re professional and warm-hearted. I was arrested for a DUI and after something like that, you feel pretty horrible. Janet was so sweet the day after when I had my consultation with her and kept reassuring me that everything was going to be ok, despite the way I was feeling that day. Thankfully, the charges were dropped! Janet fought for me until she got a positive outcome for me. I’m forever grateful to her and her amazing team. –Prior Client

My experience was nothing short of amazing! Janet helped me out big time. I felt at ease during the whole process. She went above and beyond to get the situation resolved for me and took the extra time needed for my case on very short notice.  My case turned out much better than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you so much! –Prior Client

She acted swiftly. She was compassionate and helped me through a very dark time in my life. From the very first phone call, I knew she was going to help me out. There really are angels on this earth. I had very little money, and she treated my case as if it were her only case. My charges were dropped from DUI and she saved me the stigma of being labeled a DUI driver. Even after my case was disposed of, Janet reached out to extend a helping hand. –Prior Client

I was arrested for a DUI and searched online for the best-rated DUI defense attorney in Jacksonville. Of the many attorneys in the area, I elected to go with Janet and have no regrets. There’s not enough room to explain the level of service Janet and her office provided. They were in constant contact, easily accessible if I had a question, and assured me she would not settle for an unfavorable outcome. Due to her tireless efforts, dedication to my cause and legal expertise. I can move forward from this chaotic experience. I am extremely grateful and highly recommend Janet Johnson. –Prior Client

Janet is amazing. She handled a JSO case for me and killed it. I don’t want to sound biased, but this JSO officer was on a major power trip and didn’t follow the correct protocol, I was literally treated like an animal and I had just broken my leg and shattered my ankle. Even jailed (with no priors) and forced to walk on my broken leg for 10 hours before receiving any medical attention. In the USA, a police officer has NO right to arrest you because you called him a name. Janet got all my charges dropped and my case thrown out. She did it so professionally and in a timely manner. Five stars from me. –Rachel

I was arrested for a DUI and hired Janet. Just because of the arrest, I could have lost my career. There isn’t enough space for me to list everything Janet did to help. Janet and her assistant, Krissy, worked tirelessly on my behalf. They were in constant contact, answered every question, and kept my spirits up through the entire process. I honestly felt that she was on a personal mission to save my career and win my case. I was expecting the worst, Janet delivered the best. Because of her efforts, I can put this matter behind me and move forward with my career and livelihood intact. I highly recommend Janet Johnson. –James

I was arrested for a DUI, in April 2015. I was issued two additional tickets, that evening. I already, had used Janet, prior and she was wonderful and had all those charges dropped. I knew, I was going to hire her immediately, that evening. She was nothing but professional, that next morning and throughout my case. I was arrested but there was no probable cause, for the arrest, considering the initial stop was for speeding. The police officer let me drive half a mile up the road, that evening to a gas station to handle my business, while he issued my ticket. Once, I returned that is when the officer started questioning me and prevented me from getting back, into my car. He had, not yet read me rights, prior to this series of questions. He began to question me about the contents of a cup in the console of my car, to which I questioned his authority to search my car and property. The officer, continued to question me about drinking and driving. To where, I also questioned him on his authority to interrogate me, on this. A DUI officer was then contacted, to come and investigate to which, it took 27 minutes for that officer, to show up. Once he arrived, I was then read my rights and asked to perform the Field Sobriety Exercises. I declined to perform, and was subsequently arrested. –Prior Client

Janet found out the details behind what actually happened, that evening. Her findings, were as followed. There was no cause for a traffic stop, there was unreasonable seizure, the length of the detention was unreasonable, there was no reasonable suspicion to ask me to perform field sobriety exercises, and there was no probable cause to arrest. With that being said, Janet was able to get the DUI dropped, along with my other two tickets. Janet worked very hard and effortlessly and had everything handled in 5 months. She turned a horrible experience into a positive outcome. I would recommend anyone to Janet E. Johnson. She is great and gets the job done, with a favorable outcome that I could have hoped for, in this situation. I’m very grateful, for her and all that she did! Thank you again Janet, for all your hard work. –Prior Client

I was wrongly accused of a DUI after a breath test yielding a 0.0%. I hired the “big gun” firm and was totally disappointed with their bully tactics, high cost and poor results. So I fired them and went with Janet Johnson. It was expensive to start the process over again after 2 years of frustration with the other firm – but as it turned out, well worth it. Janet and her staff did great work and got my case completely dismissed. She’s smart, experienced and really cares personally about her clients. Sure wish I would have started with Janet in the first place.–Prior Client