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Drugged Driving: How Defenses Differ From Drunk Driving Cases

Driving under the influence of drugs is treated just as seriously in Florida as drunk driving charges – whether you are accused of being under the influence of nonprescription drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana or something else.

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How Are Drugged Driving Charges Different Than Drunk Driving Charges?

The biggest difference is that there is no “per se” limit in Florida for driving under the influence of drugs. With alcohol, you know that the closer you are to a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, the more likely you may face DUI charges. Without that kind of rule for drugs, you can potentially face DUI charges for any amount of drugs in your system – even long after their psychoactive effects have worn off.

This creates both unique challenges and opportunities for a defense. A case may hinge on showing that the drugs in your system were no longer actively affecting your abilities.

If this is your first arrest for a drugged driving charge, you may also be eligible for a special diversion program that is aimed at reducing repeat cases of drugged driving. In exchange for things like participation in drug counseling, community service and other court-imposed requirements, you may be permitted to plead guilty to a traffic violation instead of facing the usual penalties for a DUI conviction.

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